Parenting Children with ADHD

In 2016, Dr. Bill Pelham and his team put out a great paper. In it, he compared teaching parents behavioral skills or using medicine for ADHD children. What he found was the order you first use the parenting skills and medicine matters. 

Parenting benefits children with ADHD when it includes direct behavioral strategies. For example, parents must be more careful about how they give attention to ADHD children. Attention, even negative attention, can reward the very behaviors parents want to stop. Strategies like focusing on positive behavioral expectations, and rewarding them with praise and attention, can benefit children with ADHD quite a bit. 

But what Pelham’s article shows is not just the benefits of behavioral parenting, it also showed that often, introduction of behavioral parenting first, and then introducing medication, appears to produce the best outcomes.  Of course, this finding isn’t true for every child, but Pelham’s team help us to see that early use of behavioral strategies is beneficial.

It’s important to remember that decisions like learning behavioral parenting or medication should be discussed with your pediatrician. To be well informed, consider looking at these sites to read about positive, behavioral parenting. 

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Behavioral Interventions and ADHD

A new study (Pelham, et al., 2016) published in the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology reports that when children with ADHD receive behavioral therapy, particularly along with medication therapy, they follow the classroom rules better and receive better ratings from adults.  The abstract states “The group beginning with behavioral treatment displayed significantly lower […]

Think Your Child Has ADHD?

ADHD includes problems with controlling attention, being over-active, or both: Trouble directing attention to things that must be done Problems focusing on tasks that aren’t as interesting as other things going on at the time Difficulty shifting attention when doing something fun Hard time organizing and planning ahead Impulsive behaviors that can sometimes be risky […]

Provider Spotlight

Professional Clinical Counselor Bob Forte has been in private practice since 1980. He is a graduate from Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio where he was also a part of their clinical faculty from 1994-2009. Bob primarily works with adults, individually or in couples, in addition to families. He works with depression, anxiety disorders, relationships, anger […]