Get the Help You Need to Solve Your Problems Through Learning Healthy Behaviors and Changing your Thinking

Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT works to learn healthier behaviors/habits and change unrealistic ideas about you, the future, and the world around you. By overcoming avoidance, learning ways to enjoy life again, and testing your thinking by looking at the real evidence in your life, CBT teaches you to build healthier behaviors, think in realistic […]


CCBT and COVID-19/Novel Corona Virus: Coping for Patients and Potential Patients The public health impact of the COVID-19 virus is unfolding every hour, and CCBT is taking the following steps: Are we open? As a behavioral health provider office, we are part of the overall healthcare system. CCBT will remain open unless the government indicates […]

Exposure Therapy

Do you have fear that disrupts your life? Exposure Therapy is an effective strategy for a variety of anxiety problems, including PTSD, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Phobias.  The core of most exposure therapy strategies consists of reducing anxiety by overcoming avoidance, and learning new “safety” ideas. Learning to be Afraid:  Anxiety often is the result of […]