Family Issues

smiling family under a tree

Family Issues

Families change throughout their lives, and how the family manages problems can make the difference for their children. Of particular difficulty are the transitions of families from one period of life to another; and another is the trouble that can occur when a child begins to act in ways that lead to family stress.

Transitions for Families:

  • Having a child
  • A miscarriage or the death of a child
  • Major milestones in a childs life
  • A parent retiring or becoming dependent
  • Changing careers or starting a career
  • Death of a parent or loved one

Trouble with a Child or Family Member:

  • A child with ADHD
  • A child with Oppositional or Defiant Behaviors
  • A child with Conduct Problems or Delinquency
  • A child with school or social problems
  • A spouse who is arrested or has an affair

Cognitive and behaviorally oriented family treatments help to change

The roles and functions assigned to each family member so that changes can be consistent with the goals of the family
Communication in the family so that when people need to be heard, that other family members hear whats being said
Patterns of rewarding inappropriate behaviors with attention or giving conflicting messages about what is expected of a child

Resistance of family members to redefining how the family works in the face of major changes or stressful life events
Communicating with other organizations like the school so that both are working toward the same goal.

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