Integrated Care for PCP Offices

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Integrated Behavioral Healthcare for PCP Offices

The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, Inc. (CCBT) has begun integrated care for PCP offices to deliver behavioral healthcare (e.g., counseling, psychotherapy, and assessments) co-located in the PCP office. The advantages include

  • Coordinating healthcare information with the PCP through pro-active releases and coordination with CCBT’s EHR (Valant).
  • Integrated care for PCP offices‘ has been shown to improve healthcare and through facilitating the “warm-hand-off” or in-office integration of care.
  • Early identification through screening (e.g., PHQ-9, GAD-7) of co-morbid psychological disorders that often present with chronic medical diseases and disorders (e.g., COPD, Heart Disease, Diabetes).
  • Primary and secondary prevention of co-morbid psychological disorders that often present with chronic medical diseases and disorders (e.g., COPD, Heart Disease, Diabetes), using evidence-based protocols for depression, anxiety, and patient compliance.
  • Increased access to behavioral healthcare through placement within the PCP office (e.g., reduced stigmatization) and measurement of improved patient experience.
  • Faster patient encounters for PCPs by shifting behavioral healthcare to co-located provider, allowing the PCP to focus on bio-medical issues and collaborating with the behavioral healthcare provider.

CCBT will operate the behavioral healthcare administrative processes, including the behavioral health intake, insurance benefit verification, billing, payment processing and outcome tracking.

CCBT will provide pad-based screens and assessments to identify patients, diagnose comorbid disorders, track clinical outcomes, and measure functional improvements. These include the PHQ-9, the GAD-7, the PSC, and the WHO DAS 2.0.

Co-Locating Providers

If your PCP office would consider a co-located provider to create integrated care for PCP offices, please contact Dr. Arnold at CCBT to create this cutting-edge and innovative model. See our page about co-morbid disorders, patient health, and healthcare costs.

Value-based Payment Models and Financial Risk Bearing

If you’re interested in exploring value-based payment models or financial risk bearing for you PCP office, let Dr. Arnold know. CCBT can arrange a consultation with a corporate leader and identify ways to do that, and will advocate on your behalf with carriers to build innovative partnerships through implementing the Triple Aims of healthcare reform.

To find out more, contact Dr. Arnold