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Leadership in the Field

We are a leader in the field of Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy. Our practice was featured as one of 4 practice models presented at a recent multi-state summit in New York City. Our work in the field provides access to leadership roles in your profession. Join us and find out how we support your advanced credentialing, advanced training, and leadership work.

National Speakers

Dr. Voelkel on Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD in Veterans
Dr. Voelkel on Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD in Veterans

This year, Dr. Arnold presented in three sessions at the American Psychological Association’s convention, two on specialization, and one on integration of CBT into health psychology’s BioPsychoSocial model. Dr. Arnold’s leadership and governance at the state and national level, served to keep CCBT on the forefront of mental health services.

CCBT also brings in national speakers, like Dr. Emily Voelkel delivering her presentation on Cognitive Processing Therapy (as a part of CCBT’s CE program).

Benefits of Partnering with CCBT

The Center For Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy receives 100 to 125 contacts per week from our marketing programs, allowing you to focus on helping people get better, we take care of everything else.

You should consider partnering with CCBT if you’re an Independently Licensed Psychologist, Social Worker, Professional Clinical Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapists in Ohio.

  • Get compensated faster! We collect the vast majority of insurance payments in less than 30 days and credit your account the same day.
  • Two Options: Employee or Independent Practicing Affiliate (IPA) Status. As an Employee, and are full-time and may be eligible for health insurance along with a Simple IRA.
  • Full Time Well-Organized Administrative Staff
  • Free Continuing Education
  • Professional Office Space
  • Credentialing on major panels and case load development before seeing your first patient
  • Supportive and Friendly Culture
  • Access to the Latest in CBT Strategies
  • Highly Professional with an Emphasis on Risk-Management
  • Ready-to-go for ICD 10
  • Experienced and friendly administrative staff
  • Credentialing
  • Continuing education (free to employees and affiliates)
  • Business management
  • Billing and payment management
  • Marketing
  • Professional office space
  • Supportive work environment
  • Professional operational management
  • Possible state tax benefits as an IPA
  • Benefits of a well-run management services organization

FAQs About The Center For Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy as a Place to Practice:

How can you help me with my Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills?

We provide free ongoing training covering the basics of CBT, applied behavior analysis, parenting management training, and other CBT approaches and techniques. Everyone who affiliates with us will receive a copy of Leahy’s Cognitive Therapy Techniques to provide basic overviews and forms on the most frequently used CBT strategies.

Do you use Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

We use a highly effective, cloud-based electronic health office management system that complies with the latest HIPAA regulations.

Can you help me build my practice?

We are dedicated to helping young professionals. CCBT also sponsors ECP activity professional, through supporting attendance at breakfasts or social events at conventions. And, CCBT has contracts with third party payers that may just overcome any barriers to your access to those panels.

How long to fill my caseload?

CCBT is well regarded in the community and among MCOs. As a result, we can refer patients quickly from the over 100 intake calls we receive per week.

What about leadership? Are you more than just another practice?

We are a leader in practice innovation and operation. Our operational model has been featured at many summits and workshops. The Center For Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy is on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation through its measurement of patient experience, patient functioning, symptom reduction, and financial integration.

Who are you looking for?

We are looking for Cognitive Behavioral Therapists at any stage of career development. If you have an independent practice license and can demonstrate strong Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills we would like to talk with you. Experience with children is a plus.

What if I own a practice and want to get rid of the administrative headaches?

We can either integrate an existing practice, or provide administrative support through our Independent Practicing Association. Contact us to find out more.

Whether you’re an early career professional or a seasoned provider, CCBT works hard to give you an experience that supports your work and makes you glad you affiliated with us.