Positive Behavioral Parenting to Replace Problem Behaviors

smiling family under a treeHow To Replace Problem Behaviors With The Behaviors That You Want!

Positive Behavioral Parenting to Replace Problem Behaviors is based upon the work of Alan Kazdin and his team at Yale University. His work, Parent Management Training, or PMT, is a well-researched and highly effective method for parenting.

  • Understand Behaviors
  • Change How You Pay Attention
  • Use Rewards
  • Build Positive Behaviors

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What is Contained in the 6 One-hour Classes?

  • Replace Problem Behaviors with Positive Opposites
  • How to Understand and Observe Behaviors
  • Rewards Point Charts, and Effective Prompts
  • Using Time Out Correctly
  • Paying Attention and Ignoring
  • Getting Homework Done and Collaborating with the School
  • Fine-Tuning Your Skills
  • Using Reprimands Correctly
  • How to Compromise with Kids
  • Managing Parental Anxiety about Discipline

Parent Management Training

“Kids Spell Love T-I-M-E” ~John Crudele

Behavioral Theropy

A key basis to the approach is a positive perspective. All parents become frustrated when children (like those with ADHD) don’t listen. Most kids react to a stern reminder, but when they don’t, moms and dads don’t know what exactly to do. We know that parents begin to keep telling children to do something between 3 and 7 times before they become angry or fed up, and then they use punishments. Even though most children become less compliant if this pattern occurs, parents use it over and over again.

This group will teach you to be in charge of your children by controlling how you react to them, how you pay attention to them, and how you reward them. The basic principles of behavioral science, and the proven techniques of Parent Management Training, should give you back your sense of calm and control.
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Insurance Reimbursement?
CCBT will contact your carrier to determine if it pays for you (and your spouse or partner) to attend group therapy. If so, your deductible or co-pay will be your cost per session.

The Positive Behavioral Parenting will be taught by Kevin D. Arnold, PhD, ABPP.  Dr. Arnold has provided parent training for over 30 years. He is Board Certified in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology

When, Where, How Much?
When: Usually One Evening During the Week, Every Two Weeks, Starting in June
Where: TBA (anticipated classes to be offered as well at Ohio Center for Pediatrics pending approval)
How Much: $5 per session per parent, $30 pre-paid per parent for all 6 sessions, couples $25 pre-paid together


This program will change parents perspectives from believing their children mis-behave on purpose, to believing that any behavior can be changed. The goal for parents becomes positive behaviors—the ones you want to see. The shift is from stopping a behavior to replacing it.