Addictions, Alcohol and Substance Abuse


Addictions, Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Addictions— There are many addictions affecting our workers, professionals, and family members. These can include the following drugs (see below), pornography, gambling or the internet. The important thing to remember is that addictions serve a purpose, albeit an unhealthy one—they distract you from unpleasant things in your life, and they feel as if they reward you when you do them (through escape or stimulation ). Healthy living requires both addiction freedom and development of beneficial ways to manage your stress.

Alcohol Abuse— Alcohol is a leading drug for abuse and addiction. The problems with alcohol are seen in the inability to stop drinking, frequent consumption of several beverages per day throughout the week, impairment at work from alcohol or hangovers, and family or relationship discord related to consumption. Changing not only the use of alcohol, but the lifestyle habits that perpetuate it are both important to recover, and often 12-step programs are necessary.

Substance Abuse— Illegal substances or the abuse of prescription medications can render a life decimated and void of the things that make life worth living. It can lead to alienation from friends, family, and work. It can even lead to criminal behavior and violation of professional ethics. Use of intervention programs along with supplemental therapy is often the best solution to regain one’s life.

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