Impaired Professionals or Graduate Students

Impaired Professionals or Graduate Students

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Impaired Professionals Often Need both Evaluative and Therapeutic Services

  • Mentoring or supervision on competency and ethical problems.
  • Assessments for treatment recommendations.
  • Assessments for mitigation in disciplinary hearings.

Evaluative services do not include assessments of drug and alcohol abuse or addiction, but instead can augment these evaluations with mental health assessments. Evaluative services include assessments for treatment recommendations and for mitigation in disciplinary hearings. Presently, the Center cannot provide evaluative services to psychologists due to the fact that Dr. Arnold, the director of the Center, sits on the Board of Psychology in Ohio. However, for physicians, attorneys, and other professionals, the Center can provide either type of evaluations.

Therapeutic services can be delivered both before disciplinary actions occur, or as a part of the orders from any disciplinary action. The Center works with other entities such as OLAP to provide services that are intended to restore the professional to non-impaired status so that practice can occur again. Also included are LPCCs who are in need of mentoring or supervision on competency and ethical problems. Of course, if the professional does not respond to the treatment as intended, then it is possible that the professional might not return to practice.