Professional Training

People engaged during a training session

Professional Training

If you wish to develop competency in the use of behavioral and cognitive-behavioral strategies, continuing education is available in several formats.

For institutions and organizations, one and two day trainings are available on the use of the Integrated Functional Behavior Assessment Protocol, basics of cognitive-behavioral therapy, treatment of depression and anxiety with CBT, use of schema-focused therapy strategies, treatment of OCD with exposure and response prevention therapy, and treatment of hostile and conflicted divorced parents.

For practitioners, individual or small group consultative training on behavioral and cognitive-behavioral methods can be arranged. These consultative sessions are intended to be case-specific, and require releases from patients before their cases can be discussed. On-site or phone consultations are both available presently, with video-conferencing over web to be used in the future.

The Center also provides continuing education training to its staff, with a limited number of outside slots available upon request. If you want to know the calendar of staff training, please contact us via email or phone. The Center is approved to provide continuing education to professional clinical counselors and independent social workers in Ohio.

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