What’s the Buzz about Electronic Health Records?

When behavioral health providers chart notes, the process should be intuitive and time-efficient. If providers use evidence-based treatments, the intake and session note forms should be set-up for those types of sessions. Billing of a session should happen effortlessly, without the use of paper.

With CCBT’s new EHR, that’s exactly what happens. The Valant EHR, gives providers 24/7 access to their calendars on any smart device or computer, through a HIPAA compliant access and cloud-based storage system.

But the Valant product is not just cool (it is), but it works! The intake form provides almost any symptoms, history item, and mental status issue used by behavioral health providers. And session notes are designed to integrate notes from the previous session to allow homework tracking and follow-up on session agendas.

The system gives patients access to a private portal, and the provider a way to communicate with patients that removes use of email. And….the portal can be used to provide assessment forms to  patients, and collect their responses over time. In other words, you chart assessments like the PHQ-9 over the course of treatment to track clinical outcomes—automatically if you want (send out notices to patients to complete the forms at specific times).

Your schedule is easy to use and read. But even better is that from your calendar, you can bill your session with a simple drop-down menu, and let CCBT do the rest of the billing process.

EHRs are intended to improve provider efficiency. CCBT believes that’s just what happens with the Valant EHR. If you affiliate with CCBT, an EHR is just one of the things you access when affiliating with CCBT.

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