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Dr. Arnold to Present on Specialties and Specialization in Professional Psychology in February 2016

Dr. Arnold will present at the Rehabilitation Psychology Conference in Atlanta on February 20, 2016. He will present with Drs. David Cox (ABPP Executive Officer) and Carol Webb (COO of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards).

Dr. Arnold to Present Two Programs at 2016 APA Convention

Dr. Arnold will present in a panel along with Drs. Jared Skillings, Richard Seime, Arthur Nezu, Katherine Nordal and David Barlow on the topic “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Integrated Care: Towards a Holistic CBT.”

Dr. Arnold will also present in a panel, along with Drs. Alex Siegel (Director of Professional Affairs, ASPPB), David Cox (Exec. Officer, ABPP), Sandy Shulman (APA Board of Directors), and Katherine Nordal (Exec. Director of the APA Practice Organization and Practice Directorate). The presentation will focus on the proceedings of the Specialty Summit in May 2016.

Professional Psychology Specialty Summit in May 2016

Dr. Arnold, CCBT’s Director, serves as the President of the Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology (www.cospp.org). In that role, Dr. Arnold heads the upcoming interorganizational summit that will address the gaps among organizations (such as the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association Practice Organization, the Association of Psychology Post-Doctoral and Internship Centers, etc.) regarding their policies and processes on specialty areas, specialty training, and board certification in professional psychology. The summit will also identify the ways in which general practice in psychology may be a primary care practice, with specialties within professional psychology as analogous to those in medicine. The summit will be from 5/15/16-5/17/16 in Chicago.

Dr. Arnold Elected to Unprecedented Second Term as President of CoS

In November 2015, CCBT’s Director Dr. Kevin D. Arnold was elected to a second term as President of the Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology (CoS). Dr. Arnold will serve as the first President to ever have been elected to the office in the history of CoS. CCBT is proud of Dr. Arnold and his willingness to serve in this leadership role.

Dr. Arnold Named to Conflict of Interest Workgroup

In 2015, the American Psychological Association (APA) commissioned an Independent Review of its operational processes. One of the findings was an apparent flaw in the way that conflicts of interest are identified and managed. The APA established a workgroup, under the oversight of its Council of Representatives, to consider the current policies and procedures on Conflict of Interest, naming Dr. Arnold as a member of that workgroup. CCBT is proud to have its Director serve on this very important panel.

Applications for Book and 2016 Presentations Submitted

Drs. Skillings (Spectrum Health Systems of Grand Rapids, Michigan) and Arnold (Director of CCBT) have completed an abstract submission for the 2016 APA Convention in Denver, extending their work on Holistic CBT.  If accepted, they will be on a panel with others, including Dr. Nordal of APA, Dr. Seime (retired from Mayo Clinic), and Dr. Barlow (Boston University).

In addition, Drs. Skillings and Arnold have submitted a proposal on Holistic CBT to Wiley for consideration. It will be an edited book if accepted, with Drs. Skillings and Arnold serving as editors, and writing various chapters individually or jointly.

Dr. Arnold worked with Dr. Brown (APA’s CAPP and Division 22 of APA) and several others to submit a proposal to APA for the convention in 2016. The panel discussion will present the outcomes of the scheduled 2016 Interorganizational Summit in Chicago. That Summit is being facilitated by Dr. Arnold and several colleagues.

Presentation on Health Psychology’s Application of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The presentation by Drs. Skillings and Arnold addresses the integration of the bio-psycho-social model and cognitive-behavioral therapy.  The presentation was very well attended at the 2015 APA Convention, and may just lead to the creation of a text book on the topic, edited by Drs. Skillings and Arnold. Link to Slides on Bio-Psycho-Social Model and CBT

Slides from APA Presentation on “Truth in Advertising”

The presentation, sponsored by the Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP), at the 2015 APA convention addressed the use of the Taxonomy by graduate training programs when describing their specialty coverage. The panel featured Drs. Arnold, McCutcheon, Nutt, and Voelkel. Here are the slides. Truth in Advertising for Graduate Psychology Programs

Slides from APA Presentation on Specialties

The presentations at APA done by Dr. Arnold included a well-received panel with Drs. Cox (ABPP) and Siegel (ASPPB) on the history, present state, and future of specializes.  Here are the slides APA 2015 Panel on Specialty

Panel Discussion on Specialization and Specialties

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Dr. Arnold, along with Drs. David Cox and Alex Siegel, will discuss the future of specialization in psychology at the APA Convention in Toronto. The discussion will be in the Raptor Room at the Renaissance Toronto, on Saturday from Noon to 1:50 p.m.  Thanks to the APA Division 17 (Counseling Psychology) for hosting the presentation.

Check Out Dr. Arnold’s New PsychologyTodayBlog:  5 Things That Can Kill Your Relationship

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Cognitive Processing Therapy: Dr. Emily Voelkel presented on 5/22/15 at CCBT on the use of Cognitive Processing Therapy for combat-related PTSD.

Dr. Voelkel on Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD in Veterans

Are You a Teacher of Psychology and Need Cool Posters?  The APA Public Affairs office has some very cool posters about how psychology and psychological science are dealing with real-life problems.  Check it out at www.PsychScienceAction.org or www.Facebook.com/PsychScienceAction

Dr. Arnold Presents on Behaviorally Based Parenting:  Dr. Arnold presented at a workshop for the Central Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association on May 16, 2015. The topic was using behavioral strategies to parent children with ADHD and learning problems.  The slides are provided here Parenting for Ohio Dislexia Association.

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Psychology is a STEM Science–Dr. Arnold Demonstrates Science to Scouts:  Dr. Arnold visited a local scout troop to provide the Science lesson, a part of their activities to earn the Science Badge.  He reviewed his own study on sensory illusions, the went over Bernoulli’s Law, Newton’s First and Third Laws, and demonstrated the effects of atmospheric, air, and hydraulic pressure.  The kids loved seeing an egg sucked into a bottle.  Here is a video of a rocket launch using air and hydraulic pressure.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:  A newly released study by Nacash, Huppert, Su, Kivity, Dinshtein, Yeh and Foa (2015) in Behavior Therapy shows that you can get the same significant reduction in negative thoughts from 60 minute exposure as you can from 90 minute exposure…..but the impact of 90 minutes was bigger than 60 minutes on the distress experienced by participants during the exposure to the trauma recollections.

Mental and Physical Health: Check out this great article by APA Pres. Barry Anton on integrating mental health and physical health.  http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-future-of-therapy-lies-in-treating-the-whole-person-1430104933

Happy Couples:  My blog on Psychology Today about the 4 Habits of Happy Couples was featured on their Facebook Page, and has now has over 250,000 reads! Check it out.

What Stresses You:  The American Psychological Association reported on a study of stress in the United States, finding that Money and Having a Job continue to be the two biggest stressors from 2007 through 2014. Roughly 2/3 of us experience stress about these two issues.  Even more surprising is that there is over a 20% reduction in stress levels for those who feel emotional support vs. those that don’t. CBT can be an effective way to manage and overcome stress. By focusing on mindfulness to manage the stressful feelings, reconsideration of possibly irrational ideas that magnify stress, and behavioral changes to create social supports and problem solutions, CBT can help you find solutions to the stressors that might be making you feel sad or depressed. A great blog on unemployment anxiety can be found at Psychology Today, by Dr. Robert Leahy.  For more information about stress in the U.S., go here.

Study of Suicidal Thinking Among College Students who are Gay/Lesbian or Bisexual:  A new study published in Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity indicated that the relationship between a) college students who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual and b) suicidal ideas is related to female students who perceive themselves as being burdensome to others. This was true even when controlling for anxiety, negative affect and positive affect (emotional state). Clinicians were urged to identify a sense of burdensomeness among this group for treatment to possibly reduce suicidal thinking. The authors, Silva, Chu, Monahan, and Joiner (2015) say, “it [burdensomeness] may be an important target for suicide risk assessment, prevention, and intervention regardless of sexual identity.” (p.30).

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